People in Assam have not yet recovered from floods. Your support can help them rebuild their lives.

Oxfam is working on rehabilitation and rebuilding lives. We are not leaving ground till the flood affected people get back to their normal lives and we need your help.


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In 2017, floods hit Assam, devastating over 33 lakh lives. People were left with no home, livelihood, food or clean water. They had lost everything. Oxfam India through support from individuals like you provided critical relief to flood-affected people with hygiene and shelter kits. Oxfam India helped over one lakh people in India.

Even though it’s almost been a year, people in Assam continue to live in displaced shelters and struggle to survive. They have not yet recovered from the devastating floods.

But your support can change their lives. Together, we can help families rebuild their homes and livelihood. We can help children get back to school, build communities and provide them with clean water, toilet facilities and health care. Together, we can help survivors in Assam build their lives again. Your donation can make a huge difference.

Oxfam India continues to work on the ground to help people cope with disaster. But we cannot do this alone. We need your continuous support. You can make a difference and provide a life to uplift themselves from disaster and poverty. Right now, people have lost hope and only you can give their hope back. Giving a monthly donation is the best way to help families recover.

Donate Today And Help People In Assam To Stand Back On Their Feet.

Your donations will help in:
1-Rehabilitation and rebuild houses
2-Build water pumps, toilets and water storage system
3-Provide counselling, physiological support to communities
4-Identify new livelihood opportunities and train people to become self-sustainable

With as low as Rs 500/month, you can help support the most vulnerable flood-affected family in Assam. Donate now.

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