Floods Relief Fund-Assam and Bihar

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Oxfam has been responding to the needs of people caught in natural disasters in India since 1951. In the last 7 years, we have mounted 21 relief assistance operations among which are major disasters such as the Uttarakhand cloudburst, floods in Assam and Bihar and the Nepal earthquake. Based on our experience of reaching out to over 9.7 lakh people directly and affected communities many times greater this size, we know that ensuring timely and quality relief is critical in such crises. The marginalised and poor in society are usually the worst hit since they have limited resources to cope during calamities. The 2016 floods in Assam and Bihar are no exception. Oxfam is currently providing lifesaving relief assistance in Assam and Bihar. We cannot do this alone given the extent of the needs; we need you.

Number of families reached: 3,777

Target households for immediate relief: 10,000 (5,000 in Assam; 5000 in Bihar)

Oxfam’s Goal: Saving lives, now and in the future

Geographical coverage by Oxfam



Oxfam’s Response

Hygiene KitHygiene Kit (2 No.Bucket with lid and Mug,8 No.Bathing Soap, gms,1 Set. Sanitary cloth with Cotton rope and Cloth Bag, ORS / NADCC,1 Unit.Savlon,1 Set. Comb and Nail Cutter,1 Set. Other Hygiene kit )
Shelter KitTarpaulin and Ground sheet, Blanket /Bedsheets-2 Mosquito Nets ,Household water Filter and Nylon Rope.
WASHHygiene Promotion.