North East needs you now more than ever. Floods have destroyed lives, homes and livelihood. Donate now to provide urgent relief - Recover & Rehabilitate

In the aftermath of floods, people are struggling to get back to their normal lives. Large scale devastation has left families landless and homeless. Let's join hands to help rebuild North-East!

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North East* Flood Response 2018: Oxfam is on the ground 

Assam faced the devastation of floods 4 times in the last 3 months affecting lakhs of lives.  Families are still struggling to recover. The loss of loved ones, home and livelihood is traumatic.  They need your support now more than ever. They urgently need rehabilitation and long-term support to recover.

More than 15 Lakh people have been affected in *Assam, Manipur and Tripura. Nearly   70% of flood-affected people are suffering from water-borne diseases.*   With no clean water to drink and sanitation facilities to use, people especially women and children are being diagnosed with skin allergies, diarrhoea, gastrointestinal and fever. * Caritas India Report July 2018.

Oxfam continues to deliver life-saving relief and has helped over 3,000 families in two months. We will continue to provide urgent relief aid  like   clean water, hygiene kits, shelter, sanitation and long-term recovery and rehabilitation support  till every flood-affected family especially the most marginalized are standing back on their feet.  With just Rs 500/Month, you can help support 1 flood-affected family today and enable them to rebuild their lives.  

Why give monthly and not one-time?

Your monthly support will provide long-term support, rehabilitation and help rebuild homes, toilets, water tanks and other facilities so people can have fast recovery. Your regular support will enable people from economically weaker to bounce back to normalcy. You can cancel your donation anytime by simply dropping us an email. Support Now  

Oxfam Will Not Leave Ground Till The Affected Families Recover  

People from the most marginalized communities are in dire need of -

1. Clean water and proper sanitation facilities as floods have contaminated wells and disrupted toilet facilities
2. Source of income as families have lost their belongings, thousands of animals, hectares of crops and have no source for livelihood 
3. Shelter and rehabilitation as houses are either damaged or destroyed and people urgently need a roof on their head
4. Awareness on hygiene and prevention of water-borne diseases as lives are at risk of rat-fever, diarrhoea etc.

Your support can help flood-affected families receive the support they need. Please lend a helping hand where it matters the most. Donate now to help families struggling to survive in North-East. 

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Last year, Oxfam India benefited nearly 8 lakh people through its projects in education, health and humanitarian response in the 6 poorest states of India. When you support Oxfam India’s work, you help bring long-term change in the poorest communities of our country. We will keep you updated on how your donation is being utilized through our monthly e-newsletter and will also send you an audited annual report for fund transparency and work accountability.

Your monthly support will help families facing disaster receive immediate relief supplies and build community toilets, elevated water pumps and provide skill-workshops to build a livelihood.

Donate Today to Help Rehabilitate Assam. Families Need Your Help.
Your Monthly Support Will Help Them Rebuild Their Lives.