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Oct 13, 2017

Oxfam Gave Relief to Over 82,000 Lives

Oxfam India   /   Naureen Khan

Year after year the floods worsen in India, the deaths increase and more families lose their homes and livelihoods. More than 3.2 crore people have been affected in India due to floods and over 950 people have died. 

Oxfam swiftly reached out to flood affected states to provide immediate relief. Our team continues to be on the ground to give livelihood support to people in Assam, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. Due to generous donations from kind individuals like you, more than 82,000 people have been given relief in India, in just four months. 

How we used donations in flood-affected states of India
Donations have made it possible for Oxfam to aid people especially survivors living in extreme poverty. Thanks to thoughtful donors for making it possible. Continuous support has helped Oxfam provide the following:


1- Over 5,800 shelter and hygiene kits for immediate relief
2- 3,98,140 NADCC tablets to purify water
3- Eight water filters, four tube wells and eight hand pumps have been installed in schools, communities and relief camps
4- 12 toilets have been constructed which has helped in reducing open defecation
5- 153 hand pumps have been chlorinated and repaired
6- Oxfam continues to conduct cleanliness drive, promote public health and menstruation health management activities in villages
Read Guneswari’s Journey and how Oxfam kit helped her survive.  


1- Shelter and hygiene kits to 2,265 households
2- Conducted 45 Public Health Promotion workshops and three cleanliness drives to help people live healthier lives
3- 10 water sources have been chlorinated and two repaired
4- Six toilets have also been constructed 


1- 1,453 shelter and hygiene kits have been distributed
2- 84,180 NADCC tablets to purify water
3- 230 hand pumps have been chlorinated and five hand pumps have been installed
4- Menstruation Health Management workshop has been conducted for 1,500 women and girls and Public Health Promotion activities in five villages


1- 1,562 Shelter and hygiene kits have been given to families
2- Water chlorination is being conducted at various flood-hit districts 


1- 60,000 tablets have been distributed to families
2- 8,000 people have received clean drinking water
3- 1,000 shelter and hygiene kits have been distributed
4- The public health promotion activities are being conducted at various flood-hit districts

Constant support to people in need goes a long way in creating a safe and healthy environment for survivors. Oxfam aims to build just that. Thank you for showing solidarity when people needed you the most. We are continuously working on the ground to help family have a roof over their head, an income to earn bread and clean water to drink. Monthly donations from heart-warming individuals like you will make it possible.

Read how Renu and Aarati found relief through Oxfam. People who wish to donate monthly so families can live healthier lives, click here.

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