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Sep 23, 2018

Art Meets Activism with the Illustrate For Impact Fellowship - Register Now

Oxfam India

Be an art activist

Are you a visual artist who wants to create social change? Register for the Illustrate For Impact Fellowship today. Image credit: Banksy

The grit, the passion and the determination to see the change is what keeps the change makers going. Our experience of working with the marginalized has always reaffirmed the strength that lies at the grassroots to challenge the narrative of oppression and discrimination based on caste, religion, gender and ethnic identities. The social inclusion project is built on the leadership capacity of the Dalits, Muslims, Tribals and Women of the country. The initiative supports the civil society organisations led by motivated members of these communities through a long and regular capacity building and support framework.

The initiative— Illustrate For Impact Fellowship a gateway for amplifying the voices that challenge social injustice through an unconventional medium of advocacy—ART. It gets two communities which are creating dissent together to create scalable impact.

The initiative empowers the artists to create campaigns through visual art alongside communities and organizations that have led grassroots movements. Sounds challenging?

This is a space for Visual Artists who want to lead social change — this is where Art meets Activism. You get to meet the marginalized communities in their space, immerse in their experience, be a part of their daily struggle and then produce art that is relevant, influential and scalable.

If you believe Visual Art can make the world a better place for the marginalized and vulnerable – this is your chance to shine.


Download this criteria form and e-mail your submission package to social@oxfamindia.org, subject line- IFI Fellow- Application

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