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Sep 29, 2018

Stories of Change: Small Steps towards Empowerment

Megha Kashyap

woman empowerment

Urmila got married when she was 16-years-old to her 18-year-old husband.  She completely dependent on her husband’s income who worked in a motor-cycle cleaning shop in their village in Siwan district of Bihar.

Early in her marriage, Urmila underwent three miscarriages which deteriorated her health. Her husband struggled to make ends meet. This forced her to start something on her own to support her husband and also meet her health expenses. Her desire to work and break social norms was not gracefully accepted by her husband. This lead to frequent incidents of violence in the house.

Urmila joined the Ajeevika group of Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (BRLPS), to raise poultry, but due to insufficient knowledge suffered huge losses. On being advised by a community mobiliser of Sakhiree, partner of Oxfam India, she took the skill-building training and had a productive endeavour. Her business started to pick up. Her family started to appreciate her efforts as well. She was able to start her treatment with the money she solely earned.  

मेराभविष्यमेरेहाथोंमेंहै, अबमैंअपनेसमयऔरसंसाधनोंकासंरक्षकहूं  (My future is in my hands and I'm now the custodian of my time and resources),’ said Urmila. 

Her business is progressing especially during festivals. She is our champion. Urmila now encourages women in her community to attend Oxfam India's skill development trainings and become financially empowered.

What is Bano Nayi Soch?

This campaign is a call to each one of you to help change social practices that discriminate women and lead to #ViolenceAgainstWomen and girls. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against #Women, #SayEnough, spark the change! 

#GenderEquality and a violence-free life for women and girls cannot be a reality if you don't take a step. On the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls, take action- be a part of #OxfamIndia's #BanoNayiSoch campaign.

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