Why the Farq?

This #16days let’s question social attitudes, behaviours and practices that are fuelling extreme gender inequality. It’s time to tackle this #Farq.

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 The movement to end the #Farq against women and girls has begun. Join it http://bit.ly/1P6wVP1

 Why are women expected to change their surname after marriage #WhyTheFarq http://bit.ly/1P6wVP1

#Farq = Inequality

These are unspoken rules prevalent in our society and often reflect in how people, especially women and girls are expected to behave. Social norms are constantly defining appropriate or inappropriate way of acting or thinking for an individual or a group.


Know your norm

If the norm is 'Women are not valued as much as men'. Then its practiced in the following way/ways 

a) I want a son 
b) My daughter/sister should be home by sundown 
c) My mother/wife will always clean after the family 
d) I expect my wife to take up my surname after marriage 
e) All of the above


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