Inequality is sharply rising in India, trapping millions in poverty. You can help people receive their basic rights.

While rich are getting richer, the most vulnerable people don’t have access to public healthcare, education or safety. Your donation can help make laws so rich pay their fair share of tax and people access their rights to build a better life. Donate today

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Did you know, India is among the most unequal countries in the world? When India’s richest corner more than half of the wealth, the rest have no or little opportunity for growth.
When the richest pay less or no tax, the burden resides on our shoulder limiting our growth. Thus, creating a huge gap between the rich and the rest of us especially the poor. 
But your support can make a difference.  Donate today and help espcially the poor to live the life they deserve.

How is inequality affecting us? 

India is among the fastest growing economy in the world yet people especially the poor still go hungry with no clean drinking water or medicines when sick. They do not have access to basic rights like public health, education, nutrition, sanitation, and opportunities to grow and make a better living. On top of all, women are more likely to stay poor and bear discriminatation. But with support from people like you, we can change that. 
Inequality in India is robbing us of better opportunities to grow, creating higher levels of crime and corruption, damaging nation’s economic growth, providing no or poor public health services and security and widening the gap between women and men. We cannot end extreme poverty today but we can tackle inequality that is taking away our opportunity to grow and build a nation that is equal for all. 

How your support will help?

We urgently need to fix the economic system that lets the richer get richer while the poor are left behind. We need to call the governments and big companies to help create a more equal society. 

With your support we will urge the government to
1. Stop tax-dodging and build progressive taxation so the wealthy pay their fair share of tax

2. Ensure allocation of budget on public services such as education, health and security so people get their basic rights
3. Build policies that will ensure working families everywhere in India to make a living wage
4. Fight discrimination and violence of all kinds and ensure equal pay for equal work especially for women.

At Oxfam India, we believe all lives are equal and no one should live in poverty. That's why we are on the ground, not only saving lives in times of crisis but also developing lasting solutions and helping communities to build better lives. We are tackling poverty by changing minds, systems and lives. When people like you support Oxfam India, we can speak with one determined voice so those in power can listen and help people access their rights. We cannot do this alone. We urgently need your support. 

Donate to Oxfam India and h elp people receive their basic rights and fight inequality. 

Oxfam India continues to work in the six poorest states of India to help the most vulnerable people to break out of poverty and stand against injustice. Donations from generous individuals like you make our work possible.

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