You can save your tax and change a life. Donate to Oxfam India and receive 50% tax exemption.

Your donation will help a child get enrolled in school, provide clean drinking water to a flood-affected family, give a violence-free life to a woman and help people break out of poverty. Save a life and make a tax-saving donation today.

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Now more than ever, people need your support. Lakhs of people in India are struggling to survive. You can support disaster survivors who lost their home and livelihood during floods, enrol children living in poverty back to school, enable women and girls to stand against violence, provide counselling, legal aid and skill development to women facing violence and help the most vulnerable and underprivileged families work their way out of poverty to live a self-sustainable and better life.  You are just one-step away to make a difference. Your gift will change their lives forever. 

Make a tax-saving donation today. 

How donating to Oxfam India will help you save tax.
When you contribute to Oxfam India, you become eligible to receive a 50% tax exemption on your donation under Section 80G when you file your return. You can now also Paytm your donation to Oxfam India. You not only save tax but provide an opportunity to children, women and communities in India to overcome poverty, hunger and injustice. Your contribution will give them a chance to build a prosperous future.

Donate via Paytm and bring a real change in someone’s life!  Save tax today.

Oxfam India continues to work in the six poorest states of India to help the most vulnerable people to break out of poverty and stand against injustice. Donations from generous individuals like you make our work possible.

You have a chance to save a life and your tax. Donate today.

Your monthly donation makes an enormous difference. Be a change maker. Donate Today.  
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