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Violence against women and girls is a growing problem in India. Your monthly support will help provide legal aid, counselling, education, healthcare and skill development course to underprivileged women and girls facing violence.

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Violence against women is one of the most extreme manifestations of an entrenched patriarchal mindset. The number of violent crimes in India especially those against women including rape are increasing with each passing year. According to NCRB, the average crimes against women in India increased from 94,600 during 1995-99 to 211,400 during 2010-14.

Women continue to suffer and live in fear due to deeply rooted social prejudices and hence sometimes the cases of violence often go unreported. The discrimination against women which starts even before birth, makes them vulnerable and often leads to depression, death, injury, unwanted pregnancy, abortion or low weight babies among many other difficulties.

With increased incidence and visibility of these gruesome crimes, there is an urgent need to support the most vulnerable and poor women and girls.

Oxfam is working in the 6 poorest states of India (Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Orissa) to help provide counselling, legal aid, skill development and improve access to quality healthcare for the most vulnerable and underprivileged women and girls.  And we cannot do this without your support. Every month you can give a fixed amount and help a girl or woman escape violence and reach their full potential in life.

While education and empowerment of women is a larger social process, Oxfam India’s goal is to change the way women are seen and perceived in India. #BanoNayiSoch

Ranging from the so-called eve teasing and outright sexual harassment on the street or workplace, to harassment for dowry, molestation in public transport, and the often-reported rape, these crimes against women reflect the vulnerability and deep-rooted problems related to the position of women in Indian society.  And it’s time that we put an end to it and India starts treating women and girls as proper citizens.



1.    Oxfam provides legal aid and counselling to women and girls facing violence. 
2.    Oxfam provides skill development training for women and girls to become financially independent. 
3.    Oxfam provides gap classes to drop out girl children and enrol them to their age appropriate classes.
4.    Oxfam forms community based vigilance groups consisting of women and girls. 
5.    Oxfam supports Women Development Centres (WDC's) that provde Grievance Redressal.  


By signing up for a monthly contribution of as low as Rs 500, you can help Oxfam empower thousands of underprivileged and vulnerable women and girls in India. The amount you give every month will help provide a violence survivor a chance to learn, grow and get back on their own feet. 

These women and girls come from the top 6 poorest states of India and have dreams to make it big. Your support will enable them to study or become financially independent and achieve their dreams.

Let's make a significant difference and give a better chance at life to underprivileged women and girls facing violence!




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