Why the farq

The Farq stops here!

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Goal {goal}

We're living in an age where most women and girls are scared of stepping out of their homes to go to work or school due to the fear of facing harassment and violence.

As Indians we have accepted this as part our everyday life and look for solutions in others or the 'system'.

It's time we start changing ourselves, it's time YOU take action!

Pledge to challenge the Farq

I acknowledge that social attitudes, behaviours and practices (social norms) are fuelling extreme gender inequality. The journey to tackle this inequality (#Farq) starts here:

Step 1: I pledge to join the movement that creates a world where women and girls are valued equally as boys and men.

Step 2: I will start by changing myself by monitoring my thoughts, behaviours and actions.

For example: Aman decided to not use gender-based abuses for the rest of his life or Anuradha decided not to forward sexist jokes to her friends.

Step 3: I will inspire atleast one friend of mine to join me on my journey to end extreme gender inequality.

I am signing this pledge to acknowledge the problems faced by women in our society and to show my resolve to take action against it.

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