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Sunita Devi, a mother of 4 children, is one of the many women who face violence at their homes. At every minute of the day,violence is devastating the lives of countless women and girls in India. They are being beaten at home, forced into marriage, and are subjected to sexual violence.

Sunita Devi got married at a young age of 10 or 12 and was made to work at farmlands, cook food, wash utensils amongst other daily chores and was subject to violence by her husband and in laws.

As per a report*, as many as 2 in 5 married women aged 15-49 years have experienced spousal violence

As of 2017, we work in 6 poorest states of India and have benefited over 10 lac people in last 1 year.

How can you help?

By contributing a minimum of Rs 3000, You can help Oxfam India run its programs to support many others like Sunita Devi to come out of violence and live a dignified and prosperous life.

By contributing to Oxfam India,

- You can help us train, counsel and spread awareness about women rights - You can provide legal aid to safeguard women against violence. - You can urge the government to make strict laws against gender violence - You can help encourage women to stand against discrimination - You can be an agent of change that will make a violence free life possible for women and girls in our country.

Who We Are

Oxfam India is India's leading Not for profit independent organization and a movement of people, working together to end THE INJUSTICE OF Poverty and Inequality. We are a part of global confederation of 19 Oxfam's and have been working in India since 1951. And we won’t stop until every person on the planet can enjoy life free from poverty. Join us.Oxfam India is a registered non-profit under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956

What We Do

From sanitation and clean water to getting more girls into school, we’re experts in transforming the goodwill and commitment of people who care into immediate, effective and lasting change for people feeling the daily pain of poverty. When disaster strikes, we respond - saving lives in emergencies, and staying long after the dust has settled to help people come back stronger. We take on the issues that keep people poor, such as inequality, climate change, land rights and discrimination against women. And we make sure that local voices are heard, no matter how remote and marginalized. This combination of grassroots action and global influence enables Oxfam India to support people living in poverty to take control and change their lives, livelihoods and communities for good.


*Source - NFHS III