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Whether you use your voice or give your time, money, or energy to Oxfam, you can breathe new life into the fight against inequality, injustice and inaction.

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  • Donate Now

    Oxfam India is a rights-based organisation that fight poverty and injustice by linking grassroots..

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  • Institutional and Corporate Partnership

    Oxfam India established the institutional fundraising team in 2011 to mobilise project & theme..

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  • How to donate

    Please do get in touch with us. Any query or feedback is highly appreciated.

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  • Contact Donor Relations Team

    Please feel free to get in touch with us. Any query or feedback is highly appreciated...

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  • Donors Speak

    Testimonials of donors who have contributed to and are associated with Oxfam India projects...

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  • FAQ

    Is the payment process secure? Your information is completely secure...

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  • Oxfam India's 80G Certificate

    All donations made to Oxfam India are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act..

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  • Procurement

    The Procurement at Oxfam as a function handles all goods and service procurement..

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