Institutional and Corporate Partnership

Institutional Fundraising

Oxfam India established the institutional fundraising team in 2011 to mobilise project and theme linked resources from various institutions, corporate, trusts, foundations and international donors. Ethical screening guidelines for private sector partnership with Oxfam India guide the partnerships with corporates. Currently, the team is engaged with various private corporates and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).

Corporate Fundraising

Building corporate relationships is of extreme importance to bring about progressive change. Corporate involvement includes events, charity shows, project adoption, and payroll giving. The fundraising events also motivate your staff, create a positive social image for you and even increase sales.

  • Adopt a Project

    Donors can sponsor a specific project and they can adopt from causes like education, health, women empowerment, and sustainable livelihood for small farmers etc. Oxfam India will stand by you and give you regular information about the project you adopt.

  • Payroll Giving

    A simple and unique way for thousands of individuals who want to do something for the community, the donation comes directly from the employees’ salary before the tax is deducted..

  • Cause Related Marketing

    If you have a special promotion planned at your workplace to boost sales of build brand your profit, you can donate a percentage of the same to Oxfam India. For example, if you have a Diwali gift promotion scheme, you could state that a percentage of the proceeds would go to Oxfam India.

  • Events

    Your organisation must host or sponsor promotional events, we can collaborate and help create awareness about underprivileged sections of society. You can contribute by providing us space to facilitate fundraising at the event by contributing a part of your sponsorship budget to our social development efforts, etc.

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