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Aarti’s story

At 7, Aarti* should have been studying in school, playing with her classmates and chasing her dreams. Yet for her parents, Aarti's education took a back seat. She was taken out of school to take care of household responsibilities.

There are many girls like Aarti who are currently outside the education system in India. Socio-economic circumstances force them to leave schools, work at home and at times, as child labour. These girls are either married at a young age or struggle to find a job without the required educational qualifications. Without a regular income, they struggle to provide a meal for their family or even basic healthcare.

Oxfam India has been fighting for the implementation of the Right to Education Act in India. Donations from people like you helped us reach out to Aarti and her parents and convince them about the importance of education in Aarti's life. Today she has been re-enrolled in standard 3. She is now a Right to Education ambassador at her school as well as an integral part of her school's Bal Manch (Student Parliament). As an RTE ambassador, she encourages parents to send their children to school. Aarti also tutors children after school and wants to be a teacher one day. When people like you support girls like Aarti, they become an inspiration for hundreds of other girls to enrol in school.

Your monthly support will help send girls missing from classrooms of India back to school and accomplish their dreams. Donate today to help girls like Aarti become the future leaders of our nation. *Name changed to protect the identity.

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