School closures due to the pandemic have increased the risk
of girls dropping out of school

Your support will help Oxfam India educate thousands of vulnerable girls

Your donation for girl child education will help

  • Enrol girls back into schools
  • Help girl students catch-up on schooling missed out during the pandemic
  • Raise awareness among girls & their families about rights of girl children
  • Help reduce discrimination in education
  • Urge the government to increase spending on government schools
*These are indicative of the impact your donation can help achieve. Oxfam India will deploy funds where the need is the most.

Challenges in girl child education

  • Education Expense: Due to increased financial constraints many parents opt to educate only their sons instead of their daughters. In many cases, children drop out of school and work to supplement the family income.
  • Household Chores: Many girls are denied an education to take up household responsibilities & take care of family members.
  • Child Marriage: Girls are forced to drop out of school & are now at increased risk of being married off early, before 18 years of age.
  • Long Distance to School: In rural areas, children often walk long distances to reach school. In such cases, girls are forced to stay at home due to increased risk of violence.
  • Gender Inequality: Often girls are denied an education due to patriarchal norms & beliefs e.g. boys will eventually be the bread-winners & support their families while girls will marry & work only within their homes for which an education is not necessary.

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