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Join Oxfam India’s mission to ensure free and quality healthcare for all

Despite being globally known as for medical tourism, people living in India face difficulties accessing quality healthcare. Every year, crores of people are pushed into poverty due to unavailability or high expenditure on medicines and healthcare.* (Source: WHO and PHFI Study 2018)


Ramavati (left) quit her job as a construction worker to take care of her 13-year old daughter Rinki (right) after she contracted encephalitis. Her other four daughters had to drop out of school because the family could not afford their fee due to high medical expenses.

More than 170 children died recently in only three weeks in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, most of them due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES). Nearly 122 deaths were recorded in a similar outbreak in the state in 2014. Over 600 children died of the same disease in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in 2017.

Over the last five years, the country has seen at least four outbreaks of such epidemics in Bihar and UP — 2014, 2016, 2017 and now 2019, accounting for over 1,700 children dying needlessly.


How does Oxfam India work?

  1. Campaign for increased government spending on public hospitals for better quality services and the regulation of private hospitals

  2. Work with communities to build their awareness about government health schemes

  3. Monitoring and tracking the progress of government health schemes

  4. Raise awareness on health rights, Patient Rights and right to life and survival

  5. Strengthening the functioning of Village Health Sanitation & Nutrition Committees (VHSNCs) and other community based health institutions

Did you know?

  1. Nearly 70% of people in India cannot afford the medicines they need (Source: NFHS 4)

  2. Around 70% of the household expenditure on health is on medicines (Source: WHO)

  3. 5.5 crore people in India are pushed into poverty each year due to health expenditure (Source: PHFI Study 2018)

  4. Healthcare is the 2nd most leading cause of rural indebtedness in our country

  Donate to save lives  

In 2017-18, 6 lakh people in our focus areas could access better healthcare facilities due to Oxfam India's advocacy work. In 2018, 5,400 youth from Odisha were sensitized for generating a demand for free medicines in health centres in 13 districts. Constant advocacy in Odisha resulted in a provision to increase budgetary allocation from Rs.263 Cr. in 2017-18 to Rs.304 Cr. in 2018-19 for the NIRAMAYA Scheme. Accessibility to healthcare and medicines is the fundamental right of every person. It is a necessity, not a luxury. We cannot let people suffer. 

Why support monthly?

Your monthly support helps ensure long-term planning and continuity in providing regular health workshops, awareness programmes and helping people in the remotest and poorest parts of our country. Without your help people from marginalised communities may never be able to afford or receive life-saving medicines on time. Rest assured, your donation is safe and will be utlised in a fully transparent and accountable way.   Please note: No amount is small. Every rupee you donate helps Oxfam India make a long-term impact. You can cancel your donation anytime over a simple email or call.

Donate monthly to help improve healthcare support for the most marginalised and vulnerable people, especially children, in India.




About Oxfam India

We are a global movement working for over 67 years in six poorest states of India to end the injustice of poverty. We work towards ending violence against women, strengthening livelihoods of poor communities especially women, focusing on universal access to affordable education and healthcare and providing relief to people during disasters in India. We completely rely on contributions of people like you to fund our programs.  Last year, nearly eight lakh marginalised and vulnerable people directly benefited from Oxfam India's efforts.