Kerala is facing the worst flood crisis in nearly 100 years. People need you now more than ever. Donate now to provide urgent relief.

People in Kerala urgently need food, clean water and shelter. Your support means Oxfam India will be there on the ground saving lives and providing urgent and long-term relief. You can help them in rehabilitation. Donate now

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India's worst floods in nearly 100 years
Donate Now To Save Lives. 

Over 400 people have died due to torrential rains and landslides in Kerala, affecting more than 15 lakh people.* People are facing the threat of water-borne illnesses like cholera, typhoid and hepatitis *(KSDMA) (Updated: 29 August 2018)

Although the flood water is receding in some parts, affected people are left without home and livelihood. They urgently need safe drinking water, medical supplies, temporary shelter, hygiene material, dry food and temporary toilets to cope with the disaster. 

Please donate urgently to help people receive critical relief supplies to survive the disaster.

Oxfam is Responding!

Oxfam is tirelessly working in the most vulnerable communities of Kerala, reaching out to meet the urgent needs of people affected by floods. Your generous donation to Oxfam India will help us 

1- Repair water resources as most of the villages are inundated and safe water is unavailable
2- Distribute food supplies as thousands of families are stranded and have lost hectares of crops. They urgently need food to survive
3- Give hygiene and shelter kits which will prevent the outbreak of water-borne diseases and help people build temporary roof
4- Provide rehabilitation and livelihood support to displaced people who have lost their homes and livelihood
5- Give long term recovery to flood-affected families and help them stand back on their feet

Your donation will help survivors recover from one of the most devastating floods Kerala has ever witnessed. Donate now to provide life-saving support to families in need. You can save so many lives.

Oxfam helped over 25,000 people in Assam, Manipur and Tripura within three months because of donation from people like you. We need your help to provide urgent support to people in Kerala. DONATE NOW! 

Oxfam India - An Organization You Can Trust

Last year, when people like you supported Oxfam India, we benefited nearly 8 lakh people through our work in the six poorest states of India. When you support Oxfam India’s work, your help brings long-term change in the poorest communities of our country. We will keep you updated on how your donation is being utilized through our monthly emails and will also send you an audited annual report for fund transparency and work accountability. 

Donate Now And Provide Critical Relief to Help the Most Marginalized Flood-Affected Families Recover in Kerala.