Mar 22, 2015

Bihar Diwas Update: 22 March, 2015


Oxfam India in association with Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA), took part in the three day long ‘Bihar Diwas’ Celebration today, by showcasing our work on Humanitarian and DRR at BSDA pavilion (Stall No 21).

Large group of villagers, individuals and families along with children from across the state came at our stall to understand the efforts Oxfam has been undertaking on the disaster theme across the state and India wide. While children showed particular interest in the miniatures, adults were keen about the efforts that should be undertaken in the reduction of the risks associated with hazards like flood, fire and earthquake.

A group of 12 ladies from a remote village in Aurangabad were particularly interested in the different ways the villagers can prepare themselves before the flood season arrives. The elevated toilet and hand pump idea along with the improvised life jacket integrated them. Some mentioned their own need to prepare themselves on WASH.

Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha, Vice Chairperson, BSDMA and Ms. Lacy Singh, Hon’ble Minister of Disaster Management & Social Welfare Govt. of Bihar visited our stall.

We also organised puppet show on WASH both at our own stall and on the main stage of the pavilion, which attracted huge crowd. This helped in engaging with the audience and highlighting the topics / issues of WASH to make them participatory in nature.

We wrapped up the day’s event with a ‘Nukad Natak’ demonstrating on WASH at the time of emergency and the aftermath of disaster. Emphasis was given on how to enhance the resilience of the wash infrastructure through this Nukad Natak.

Highlights of Bihar Diwas:

  • Our stall reached out and engaged with around 90,000 people.
  • 1000 people were demonstrated the five steps to hand washing.
  • Information on – PVCA, safe drinking water, WASH including sanitation facility during disaster and preparedness before the disaster, improvised emergency kits, grain bank, hand washing – were imparted to the audience at the stall.

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