Impact Assessment of Mine Labour Protection Campaign in Rajasthan supported by Oxfam India


‘Mines Labour Protection Campaign’ (MLPC), grass-root level partner of Oxfam Australia initially and  after the merger of different Oxfams into Oxfam India, became a partner of Oxfam India. It  has been working to empower the mine workers in Rajasthan since 1999. In Rajasthan, the lives of mine workers have been forfeited at the cost of mining activities which is otherwise a major source of income for the State. The long on-site working hours and complete lack of use of safety equipment has lead to occupational diseases (OD) like silicosis and asbestosis among these workers. MPLC which is working as a movement to fight for the rights of mineworkers aims ‘to promote environmental justice through organizing the unorganized mine workers in the state of Rajasthan and building their capacities to protect their rights and environment’. Oxfam’s support to this campaign culminated in June 2015 after which an end term impact assessment was conducted to assess the outcomes and achievements. This learning note provides an opportunity to learn about a impact assessment framework to document the work of MLPC along with case studies including the policy impacts - including media engagement and key learning from MLPC, relationship with other national and international networks/alliance on mining, challenges and gap areas in MLPCs policy advocacy and work with mine labours.


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  • Publication date :

    Nov 2015

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    Oxfam India

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    MEL Learning Note

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