Evaluation of project on Enhanced Food Security for Women Farmers through Building a Climate Resilient Sustainable Production System


Oxfam India (OIN) has been working with small-holder farmers, especially women farmers, who are highly vulnerable to the changing climate conditions along with the accompanying, economic and market uncertainties. Climate change is one of the pressing issues of the Indian sub-continent, and the Indian agriculture faces the harshest impact of it. Most of the agriculture in India is still largely rainfed and the farmers are small and marginal practicing subsistence farming, especially vulnerable to changes in climate and rainfall. Within this context, OIN with the support of Buddhist Global Relief partnered with Mount Valley Development Association (MVDA) to implement a project titled ‘Enhanced food security for women farmers through building a climate resilient sustainable production system’. This was implemented between 2012 and 2015 in thirteen villages of the Bhilangana Valley of Uttarakhand. The main project goal was: “Creating ecological resilience through an emphasis on sustainable agriculture for small and marginal farmers”. This learning note provide an opportunity to learn about the endline evaluation framework to document the best practices, learning and challenges faced in enabling  ecological resilience for sustainable agriculture by small and marginal farmers.


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  • Publication date :

    Nov 2015

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    Oxfam India

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    MEL Learning Note

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