Empowerment Programme on Women’s Entitlements and Rights (EmPOWER) Findings of Baseline Survey - Economic Justice


"According to the 2010-2015 mission statement of Oxfam India (OIN), the organisation will ‘fulfill its vision by empowering the poor and marginalized to demand their rights, engaging the non-poor to become active and supportive citizens, advocating for an effective and accountable state and making markets work for poor and marginalized people’. OIN recognizes that within the Indian agricultural setting, small farmers are the most vulnerable and face numerous challenges including: imperfect input market, lack of access to credit, unsustainable cultivation practices, poor access to cold storage and warehouses for product storage and poor land quality, water management and soil erosion. Thus, OIN works with small holder farmers (especially women) to enable them to earn sufficient, resilient and sustainable incomes."


  • Publication date :

    Sep 2015

  • Publisher :

    Oxfam India

  • Type :

    MEL Learning Note


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