School Management Committees: Bringing in Accountability in Schools and Overall Education - Learning from the field


"This note focuses on OIN’s work with School Management Committees (SMCs) in the government schools of India with the aim of improving the quality of education delivery system in the country. It will describe the processes employed by six different partner agencies of Oxfam in three states of India, working within different demographic contexts -theory; this SMC makes and approves plans and manages the overall school performance. The Act has entrusted parents with certain powers through the SMC elected by them, for improving the functioning of schools. This is possible with the necessary training and support to the SMC members and the larger community who need to be aware of the provisions of the RTE Act, their roles and responsibilities in ensuring the effective implementation of the same. The RTE Act 2009 has gain brought focus on it by the formation of School Management Committees (SMC) with representative participation from communities mandatory for all schools falling within the ambit of RTE Act.’"


  • Publication date :

    Nov 2015

  • Publisher :

    Oxfam India

  • Type :

    MEL Learning Note


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