A second chance to education made possible

Fourteen-year-old Arman is the oldest amongst four siblings. His family migrated to Delhi from Aligarh in search for a better future.

The lone source of income in the family is Arman’s father, Amir, who sells vegetables. Unable to meet the expenses of living in the National Capital, Arman and his family decided to go back to Aligarh.

Studying in Class 7th, Arman applied for a Transfer Certificate (TC) from his school.

But an injury to his mother, Rashid altered the family’s plans. She fell from the second floor and severely injured her leg. Hospital expenses and a surgery exhausted all the savings of the family.

The plan of moving back to Aligarh was dropped as the family decided to stay in Delhi for the medical treatment of Rashid.

When Arman went back to his school, the teacher said: “TC de diya hai. Ab admission nahin ho sakta. Ab next year aana” (We have already given you the TC. Now we can’t enroll you back. Try next year).

Arman decided to take care of his recovering mother. He was then informed about Empowerment for Rehabilitation Academic & Health (EFRAH), an organization that works on students who have dropped out from the school.

He enrolled himself with EFRAH and attended their Non formal education (NFE) programme for the seventh grade. In 2013-14 he was helped to get admission in a government school and now is in Class 8th, says his proud mother: “Beta padh likh le aur kamaye aur kuch ni chaiye humko” (We just want are son to study and earn a good livelihood) says Rashid.

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