Getting back to education is no child’s play

Back in the year 2000, the move to Delhi from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, was the best decision made by Sonam’s family. Her father, Pramod Singh started working in a company and was earning enough for his family to survive.


In 2009, Pramod lost his job and the family had no source of income. Sonam’s mother, Vinita started working as a security guard in Lotus Temple, Delhi. In 2010, when Sonam was in third grade, her mother gave birth to a girl. Now this family of five had only one bread earner, Vinita. With a new born baby in the family, it became a challenge for Vinita to attend work and take care of the girl child. “Mainnaukarinahinchodsaktithi” (it was impossible for me to leave my job), she says.

Sonam, being the elder sister was given the responsibility to take care of baby.“Maingharperehti thi aurchoti behen ko dekhteaurkhanabanatithi” (I use to stay back home and take care of my new born sister and cook food for the family) says Sonam. This led to Sonam missing school for nearly a year.

Remedial classes by Empowerment for Rehabilitation Academic & Health (EFRAH), helped Sonam. In the 2012-13 academic session, she was again enrolled into her old government school where she continued her fifth grade and now studies in sixth grade.


Her other siblings too became a part of EFRAH and were registered in government schools under Right to Education act.

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