Help flood-affected families get back on their feet before another disaster strikes. Donate today

Floods in 2018 affected 15 lakh lives in Assam, Manipur and Tripura. Many are still struggling to survive as temperatures increase. Support now to rehabilitate affected families before it is too late.

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Support to Rehabilitate Families in Assam. 

Monsoons are around the corner but Assam is still recovering from the 2018 floods. Your long-term support will help Assam stand back on its feet and prepare better for another disaster.

More than 15 lakh people were affected by floods in 2018 in Assam, Manipur, and Tripura. Most of them lost everything; their homes, livelihoods, and all their belongings. Oxfam, being an early responder, helped thousands of families receive urgent relief such as clean water, hygiene kits, tarpaulin sheets, and other aid.

However, the struggle of affected families is not yet over. They need support in getting their livelihoods back. Oxfam is on the ground and is working continuously to rehabilitate and rebuild the lives of those affected by the disaster, but we cannot do it without the support of individual donors like you. 

Donate to rehabilitate and rebuild lives. 

Your urgent support will help affected families recover and fight the aftermath of floods. Experience shows that natural disasters like floods push poor people further down in the poverty spiral and reduce their capacity to recover from social and economic losses.
Oxfam works with the most marginalised people from weaker social and economic status, especially women and girl children.

Oxfam's response strategy in Tripura, Manipur, and Assam is to provide:

  1. Effective mechanism for predicting disasters and early warning systems by working with communities and government department to be better prepared for any future disasters.
  2. Immediate Water, Shelter, Sanitation, and Hygiene relief in case of frequent floods.

  3. Livelihood support and Food security to flood-affected communities through unconditional cash transfer, improved access to natural resources and resilient livelihood mapping.

 With summer at its peak and monsoons around the corner, it is a struggle for survival for those displaced by floods. Your long-term support will help rehabilitate these affected families.


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Last year, Oxfam India reached out to nearly 8 lakh people through its projects in education, health and humanitarian response in the 6 poorest states of India. When you support Oxfam India’s work, you help bring long-term change in the poorest communities of our country. We will keep you updated on how your donation is being utilized through our monthly e-newsletter and will also send you an audited annual report for fund transparency and work accountability.

Donate Today to Help Rehabilitate Flood-Affected Families in Assam. They Need Your Help.
Your Monthly Support Will Help Rebuild Their Lives and Prepare for Future Disasters.