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Mobilising Women in Marginalised Communities to End Violence against Women and Girls

Oxfam India is working with Vanangana in Chitrakoot and Banda district in UP's Bundelkhand region to mobilise communities through Nigrani Samitis and Nukkad Nataks to end violence against women and girls, and bring about a perceptive change in social norms. These Samitis comprise mostly of Dalit women.

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Providing Safe Drinking Water in Flood-Prone Districts of Odisha

Oxfam India along with Puri-based NGO SOLAR have established innovative WASH models for safe drinking water. The pilot demonstrations of Iron Removal Plant (IRP) and flood-proof Pond Sand Filtration Unit (PSF) in three villages in Puri’s Kanas block is providing access to clean and safe drinking water to the community.

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Mobilising Communities to End Violence Against Women in Bihar and Jharkhand

Oxfam India supported networks, in Jharkhand and Bihar, to mobilise communities to end violence against women and girls. In Jharkhand, it supported Jumav Manch to form Jagruk Samitis. In Bihar, the network led by RAHAT, formed Dastak Samitis to monitor and address issue of domestic violence.

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Increasing Women’s Leadership and Rights in Governance Processes in Jharkhand and Uttarakhand

Oxfam India supports organisations to increase rights-based organisations to increase representation, participation, and leadership of women in different forums of local governance. In Jharkhand it has been working with Jumav Manch, a network of rights-based organisation, since 2000. In Uttarakhand, Oxfam has supported the NGO, VIMARSH, since 2001.

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