ISSUE 6 (March-May, 2016) : Exploring the link between extreme inequality and tax justice

This sixth edition of VOICE is insightful as well as exciting as it helps us link the myriad-faceted concept of inequality with tax justice. ..

Digital Newsletter ISSUE 6: March-2016-May-2016

ISSUE 5 (August-October-2015) : Raising awareness on social attitudes that lead to violence against women

This fifth edition focussed on gender, it has truly come a full circle as we prepare to launch a four year multi-country campaign challenging gender based social norms. ..

Digital Newsletter ISSUE 5: August-2015-October-2015

ISSUE 4: April, 2015-July, 2015

Humanitarian & Disaster risk reduction (DRR):Providing relief, rehabilitation and building resilience of people by reducing risks before and after disasters ..

ISSUE 4: April, 2015-July, 2015

ISSUE 3: December, 2014-February, 2015

Economic Justice: Working towards reducing inequality and securing sustainable livelihood ..

ISSUE 3: December, 2014-February, 2015

ISSUE 2 (September-November, 2014) ; Reducing inequality by increasing access to quality health and education services

The second edition of Voice aptly focuses on the theme of inequality, especially in the access to quality education and health services...

ISSUE 2: September-November, 2014


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