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Find out what the voices of BRICS nations are saying

An initiative of CSOs on BRICS issues from the member countries, anchored by Vasudha Foundation in India, in partnership with Oxfam India, the newsletter shares thought pieces and information with a v..

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Financing healthcare for all in India: Towards a common goal

This paper explores available evidence, contextualises and maps the debate in the country around healthcare for all. While the focus is on healthcare in response to current policy debates, Oxfam recog..

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The Political Economy of Capitalism, ‘Development’ and Resistance: The State and Adivasis of India

Reflections on the political economy of capitalism, ‘development’, and resistance, as it plays out between a strongly interventionist State and the adivasis of mainland India. ..

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India inequality paper

Moving Towards Equal Opportunities for All? ..

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Rethinking India’s Climate Policy and the Global Negotiations

Rethinking India’s Climate Policy and the Global Negotiations ..

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Thorny Transition

Women's Empowerment and Exposure to Violence in India..

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Federalism and Fidelity

A review of provisions under the national Model and States Rules under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. </p> ..

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Uttarakhand Development and Ecological Sustainability

Development and Ecological Sustainability..

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Why the world’s newest global bank must adopt a pro-poor agenda..

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