Youth and Active Citizenship

Oxfam India has outlined some issues which need our attention, given their increasing importance in our development practices.

Oxfam India has outlined some issues which need our attention, given their increasing importance in our development practices. It was recognised that they reflect the changing dynamics of development in and outside India. Unless we build critical work around these areas, our ongoing development work organised will remain incomplete.

Hence we decided to work on key issues such as urban poverty, which is increasing faster and in more extreme ways due to migration and informalisation of labour.

We recognise that we need to work with the youth, building their stake in shaping this country. We also recognise the importance of communalism and peace building for the secular fabric of our country, this remains an ongoing commitment.

At the same time, the changing image of India as a global leader, through its active role in forms of global governance like G20 and BRICS, is critical for shaping the larger development policies at the global level. Oxfam India has taken this as part of our international mandate where our ongoing national priorities are supplemented by this.

Urban Poverty

Oxfam India works with six partners in Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (UP), to directly reach 4,82,500 families. This theme focuses on the issues of the homeless, paveme..

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Enabling urban poor to avail essential services in Guwahati

Vegetable vendor Kharanti Marak is a widow in her late 50s. She is a Garo tribal who lives in the Assam-Meghalaya border area near Guwahati city. She said: “I bring vegetables from the villages to s..

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Hope for Homeless Youths

Sachin was born on the footpaths of Mumbai, most children like him never get to go to school and spend time roaming the streets. Sachin makes some money by washing cars or by working as a labourer..

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Combating Communalism and Peace Building

Oxfam India firmly believes in the secular-democratic values enshrined in the Indian Constitution...

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India and the World

The aim of the program is to influence global issues that affect poverty and injustice in India as well as India's role in key global institutions ..

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