Here’s how India scores on the RTE Act

Why was this map created?

For the first time a one-stop shop giving information on the status of education in every district of the country.

We created this tool to map every district in India, i.e nearly 14 lakh schools on the parameters of compliance mentioned under the RTE Act.

The main purpose of the map is to generate public awareness on the status of RTE implementation.

Our aim is to use that awareness and build pressure on Members of Parliament and the Indian government to fulfill RTE commitments.

Since its implementation started in 2010, the RTE Act has contributed to tremendous changes in elementary education. Now 98% of rural habitations have a school within a distance of one kilometre; about 1.5 crore more children are in school; and world’s largest school feeding programme – the Mid-day Meal scheme provides meals to about 11 crore children.

But, we are still far away from full compliance of RTE Act. Only 8% school comply with all RTE Act norms. If we all join hands, we can make Right to Education of every child a reality.

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What is #HaqBantaHai?

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