Nov 23, 2014

Small Holder Agriculture

Despite dominating the Indian agricultural setting, the small farmers are most vulnerable and face challenges like

  • Imperfect input market
  • Lack of access to credit and technical knowhow
  • Unsustainable cultivation practices
  • Poor access to cold storage and warehouses for product storage
  • Poor land quality, water management and soil erosion.

A volatile market and climate–induced variability make agriculture itself a very risky proposition. With a focus on women farmers, our work in the area of Small Holder Agriculture and Climate Change aims for resilient and sustainable incomes of the small and marginal farmers.

This programme focuses on strengthening the economic leadership and land rights of women farmers, making public investments in agriculture accessible to small farmers specially for women farmers  and increasing the resilience of small farmers to the impacts of climate change. 

Despite playing a significant role in the agriculture production system, most often women are neither legally nor socially recognized or acknowledged as farmers.

To bridge this gap, our partner AAROH helped create a special space for women farmers in the Shahajahanpur and Saharanpur Mandis in Uttar Pradesh, aiming to encourage economic empowerment and independence of women farmers with an increase in their participation in daily markets.

1275 women farmers received land title and more than 11,000 women farmers were able to submit their land application with support of partner organizations in Bihar. 1200 women farmers in Odisha and Uttarakhand adapted climate resilient agriculture models and would able to enhance their income by 30-35%.  

In an even more powerful display of independence, 62 women leaders of fisherwomen producer companies in Odisha and a vegetable women farmers’ collective in Uttar Pradesh, went through leadership development and business management training for striving and sustaining the collectives.


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