• Enhance active participation of organizations led by women and youth from socially excluded groups in social and democratic spaces
  • Strengthen Community Led Organisations (CLOs) and CSOs to enable them to collectively influence governance processes for inclusive development

Social inclusion is an emerging theme within Oxfam India. Under the theme, ‘By the People’ is a consortia based project supported by the European Union.

There are many Community Led Organizations (CLOs) headed by passionate leaders working tirelessly for the cause of social inclusion. Many of these organizations have managed to address and position critical community issues in the mainstream. While others continue to face internal and external barriers, often related to organizational capacity which limit their reach and impact.

Oxfam India in partnership with Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI) and Praxis supports 56 Community Led Organisations (CLOs) run by Tribal, Dalit and Muslims across six states of India to enable them to play a more influential role. ‘By the People’ project helps the marginalized communities fight socio economic exclusion and demand their rights.

Identifying the capacity issues faced by the marginalized communities, ‘By the people’ supports the CLOs through technical and capacity building.

Using training manuals, workshops, consultations and other tools, this project aims to enhance the participation of organizations in local and national level development process.

  • Increased and improved capacities of target CLOs to better engage with and influence governance and development processes.
  • Enhanced and well defined participation of target CLOs in governance and development processes, through holistic support and mutually developed strategic plans.
  • Strengthened collaboration between different groups of CLOs/CSOs, civil society networks and other stakeholders to achieve common policy objectives.

The project ‘By the People: Civil Society Organisations led by members of marginalized communities influencing governance processes for inclusive development’ has been rolled out in a consortia mode in 2016 where Oxfam India has partnered with two leading non-profit organizations—Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion and Praxis.

Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI) is a registered trust with its national office in New Delhi advocating for child rights, education and women’s rights. CSEI is concerned with promoting social equity and inclusion in core politic and governance with its focus on Adivasi, Dalit and Muslim communities. CSEI has been working in partnership with Community Led Organisations (CLOs) for identifying and addressing social exclusion through policy advocacy, research, social equity audits, social inclusion tools and methodologies, capacity building and networking. Various programmes of CSEI at the community levels include setting up of resource centers and technical hubs, fellowship programmes and students forums.
Know more on: http://csei.org.in/

Praxis is a non-profit organization which advocates for community participation to build a collective voice in order to democratize the development process. Praxis believes that ‘participation’ is not a technical or a mechanical process that can be realised through application of a set of static and universal tools and techniques, but rather a political process that requires challenging the existing power structure. Praxis engages with community to prepare it as an agent of change. It endeavours to work towards participatory democracy through social inclusion, public accountability and good governance. Know more on: https://praxisindia.org/

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