Jun 27, 2016

Five Stories That Are Proof That Women Are Breaking Stereotypes In Rural India #IWD2016


 5 stories that show why #IWD2016 is more relevant than ever. Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women by sharing http://bit.ly/1QzHt7G

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How Women in Chhattisgarh Came Together to Ban Alcohol In Their Village 

The men of Maliar village in Chhattisgarh would become violent with their women. Finally, the women decided they would take no more - women of 16 villages gathered to end the problem. They destroyed the bottles at home, and demanded that the liquor shops around them be shut.

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How Survivors of Domestic Violence Ensured They Get Justice 

These women in Chitrakoot were subject to domestic abuse and violence. With the help of Oxfam India's partner Vanangana, they are on their way to getting justice and rebuilding their lives. 

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How Shamsuna Fought To Gain Education

Shamsuna's community doesn't believe in educating girls. With the help of our partner Rahat, she rebelled against opposition and has continued to go to school. Watch her story here.

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How These Inspiring Child-Brides Are Challenging The Tradition 

Jhilli and other girls in Kandhamal district in Odisha have come together and formed the Kishori Kalyan Samiti, which helps raise awareness about the ill-effects of child marriage. Find out how these girls are challenging this regressive social practice.

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How This Tractor Lady Fought To Own The Right To Her Family Land 

Suresho is known in her village as the "Tractor Lady". Earning this moniker was a struggle in a society where, although women do as much as 70% of agricultural work, they are not recognized as farmers.

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