Nov 23, 2014

Food and Climate Justice Campaign

We live in an age of extreme inequalities in access to food. Bringing food to the poorest of the poor — our  ‘Food & Climate Justice Campaign’ has a two-fold agenda  -- to strengthen food security for the hungry and also build resilience for climate change.

Oxfam India envisions shared solutions for a better future where everyone has enough to eat, always.

Towards this, we and our partners played a proactive role in strengthening the right to food network, and also in the movement to lobby with parliamentarians to pass the National Food Security Act.

Our partners are engaging with their respective state governments to influence the rules for implementing the National Food Security Act that includes a Standard Operative Procedure for Mid-Day meals, and recommendations of inclusion or exclusion criteria at the state level.

As part of the advocacy work on Climate Change, we facilitated civil society consultations on state climate action plans for Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Chhattisgarh.


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