Nov 23, 2014

Oxfam constructs toilet in flood ravaged village in Assam

Jyotsna Basumatary, a resident of Tari Kachari village in Assam felt relieved after Oxfam India constructed a Latrine unit in her village

For the women living in Tari Kachari, a remote village in Assam, the arrival of monsoon was never a happy news.

Floods are a regular phenomenon in this part of Assam. When the water level rises, Jyotsna Basumatary and her seven-member family are forced to defecate in the open, along with 37 other families in the village. 

This leads to high incidences of water borne diseases like diarrhoea, especially during the monsoon season.

Women suffered most

Women had to wait till dark to defecate. Jyotsna says that during the flood season men take a boat to the nearest high land to defecate but the women are often left with no option. 

Oxfam constructed a raised latrine unit, which has four toilets and a hand washing facility in the village. 

“We will be now comfortable in our village even during the flood season,” says Jyotsna.

“Our village is devastated by floods every year. We do not want to go to relief camps, we don’t feel comfortable there,” she added.


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Written by: Oxfam India staff

Photo credit: Oxfam India

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