Why the Farq?

Let’s question social attitudes, behaviours and practices that are fuelling extreme gender inequality. It’s time to tackle this #Farq.

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The movement to end the #Farq against women and girls has begun. Join it http://bit.ly/1P6wVP1

Why are women expected to change their surname after marriage #WhyTheFarq http://bit.ly/1P6wVP1

#Farq = Inequality

These are unspoken rules prevalent in our society and often reflect in how people, especially women and girls are expected to behave. Social norms are constantly defining appropriate or inappropriate way of acting or thinking for an individual or a group.


Know your norm

If the norm is 'Women are not valued as much as men'. Then its practiced in the following way/ways 

a) I want a son 
b) My daughter/sister should be home by sundown 
c) My mother/wife will always clean after the family 
d) I expect my wife to take up my surname after marriage 
e) All of the above


8 sectors where women in India are facing the #Farq

A reality check! Here are 8 sectors where women in India are lagging behind. ..

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Julie Thekkudan- Gender Justice programme lead at Oxfam India - simplifies social norms

Julie Thekkudan, who is leading the Gender Justice programme at Oxfam India, explains gender-based social norms in India. ..

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Data and Discrimination: Women’s Ownership of Assets in India

Data collection by government agencies and preparation of statistics by official experts sound like benign acts. Quite non-threatening. ..

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100,000 women, 10 years, one demand: let us own our farmland

As the fourth successive drought year reignites the debate on farmer suicides, one crucial stakeholder is missing from the spotlight - the woman farmer. ..

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“No Woman, No Cry!”

India has one of the lowest sex ratios worldwide, pegged at 940 girls per 1000 boys in 2011. This only points to the systemic violence characterising gender relations in the country. ..

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