Women earn only 63 paise for every rupee earned by men
Together, we can close this inequality gap

How we will use your donation:

  • We will train women farmers on organic farming, crop planning, etc, to help them increase their income.
  • We will provide skill-based, livelihood trainings like bamboo craft, mask making, sal leaf plate making to women from vulnerable groups.
  • We will form women collectives and help them establish small businesses.
  • We will form women’s groups and link them with Mandis and the markets, and government schemes.
  • We will support women in disaster-prone areas to become economically resilient.

how donors like you brought change

In 2022-2023, Oxfam India worked with 9200 women farmers in Bihar and Odisha to improve their agricultural income.

Strengthen Livelihood of Rural Women to End Discrimination

Discrimination based on gender is a reality for all women and girls in India. Regressive social norms lead to violence against women and girls and deny them control over their own lives. As a result, women are deprived of equal opportunities and financial resources.

During the pandemic, women bore the brunt. Unemployment was higher among women, they bore the increased burden of unpaid care work, and there was a rise in the number of domestic violence cases.

They have better access to equal opportunities, they stand up for their rights, and thus create a more equal and just society

We need you NOW more than EVER.

You can help us build an India without discrimination. Make a contribution today.

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80G Tax Benefits

Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% tax benefit under section 80G