897 Indian Women Are Harassed, Raped, Killed and Face Other Forms of Violence, Every Day*

*Source: NCRB report 2015


YOUR MONTHLY DONATION WILL HELP A MARGINALIZED WOMAN LIVE A VIOLENCE-FREE AND DIGNIFIED LIFE. One in three women around the world regularly faces some form of violence, often from their partner. Beating a woman is considered “normal” and “acceptable” by both men and women in India. But this can change.

With continuous support from kind-hearted people like you, we are able to provide emotional, financial and legal support and help women and girls escape violence and build a better today and tomorrow.
OXFAM INDIA is committed to empowering women through its programs in six poorest states of India and we seek your support for this cause.
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HOW DONATION HELPED WOMEN Rachna (back to camera) hugs Oxfam Volunteer Snehlata Misra

"My ordeal has made me realize how important it is for women to be independent. I used to be very scared. Now I have the strength to fight for my child and the belief that I will take care of him independently." -Rachna, a domestic violence survivor, Uttar Pradesh.

Tortured by being locked in a room by her in-laws and husband and denied food for days, Rachna was often abused both physically and mentally. The family took her newborn son away and regularly asked her to leave home. Instead of being helped, she was left stranded near her parents’ house in an unconscious state. Now, through Oxfam India’s work, Rachna has begun counselling and is in the process of filling a case for her child’s custody.

Realizing Rachna’s need for economic independence, Oxfam India’s partner on the ground arranged for her to be trained in furniture polishing. While her family does not want to have anything to do with her, Snehlata Mishra, part of Oxfam India supported women volunteer group, treats her as her own daughter.

As Rachna braces for the fight to get her child back, she will need all the confidence and support to build a better future for her child and herself.
Your monthly donation is critical in gifting hundreds of women like Rachna, a better chance at life. And we cannot do it without your help.


HOW DONATION HELPED WOMEN Mynah’s sewing machine has been a trusted friend


"Come and get me" - a message sent by Mynah to her parents.

At one point Mynah tried committing suicide. Now, she is leading life on her own terms. Mynah was 9 when she was married to a 20-year-old man. Her husband repeatedly subjected her to sexual, physical and mental violence. When the pain became unbearable, she protested. In return, her husband began tying her hands and legs so that they would not inconvenience his nightly pleasures.

Oxfam India supported Mynah to file a case under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Mynah has now remarried as per her own choice and is pursuing post-graduate studies. She hopes to get a government job—possibly join the police so that she can help women like her.
Your monthly donation is critical in providing emotional, legal and livelihood support to hundreds of women like Mynah. And We cannot empower women without your help.




  • Ending Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Promoting Gender Equality
  • Empowering Women Through Skill Development, Active Participation and Acquiring Leadership Qualities
  • Providing Child Education
  • Enabling Access To Quality Healthcare
  • Relief And Response During Emergencies



The money that you contribute to Oxfam India will support the full range of Oxfam’s work in six poorest states of India to end poverty and inequality, from women rights to emergency response. Your monthly donation will help in many ways.


Empowering women to generate a sustainable income

Creating a Better Future

Enabling behaviour change programs to educate men and boys and training women support groups

Equality for All

Providing better opportunities for women and their families to succeed, spreading awareness about their rights and creating an equal nation

Gender Justice

Creating access to Education, Healthcare, Safe water, Sanitation facilities, Emotional and Legal support for women

How we use your funds

75% Programme Expenditure
9% Fundraising cost
16% Coordination & Administration



“After working for 2-3 years with Oxfam India, I was asked to become one of the global ambassadors. Now more than ever, I have enormous respect for the organization. Very happy to be a part of Oxfam.”

Rahul Bose, Actor

“Oxfam India is fighting to reduce inequality at every level of the society. The challenge is immense but every step you take on the 100km trailwalker, will be a milestone.”

Milind Soman, Actor

“On my birthday, the doorbell rang and there stood two smiling young men asking for a contribution on behalf of Oxfam India for children's education and I'm glad to be a part of the cause.”

Dola Dasgupta

Your donation is critical in empowering women and saving lives!
And we can't do it without your help.

By supporting Oxfam India you stand with a community across the country who are demanding that women’s priorities be India’s priorities. We will work together to stop violence against women and girls, for all women to have access to health care and education, run behaviour change programs to educate men and boys and to increase participation of women in decision making in the workplace and in government. Your monthly donation can make it possible. Donate now.

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