May 14, 2018

Strengthening Community-Based Early-Warning System


Success of any end to end early warning system is ultimately determined only at the last mile. If it is unable to drive positive community action, the system is not efficient enough. The human component and not technology, should therefore be the essential foundation of any efficient end to end early warning system. Volunteer Network Management System takes a landscape approach to bring together local actors from the most vulnerable locations of a river basin to support local Government in early warning dissemination and community response. This initiative attempts to bring technical innovation to aid collective and coordinated action from local communities, civic groups, network of volunteers in early warning dissemination and response.

This document is developed to share learning from the first phase of the pilot project on community based early warning system implemented in three flood prone river basins including Subarnarekha in Balasore, Brahmani – Baitarni in Jajpur and tail of Mahandai in Puri District, Odisha.